HOOPS Do It Every Time!!!

Makeba Corey

Posted on May 10 2020

HOOPS Do It Every Time!!!

I LOVE Hoop earrings, they show the sassy side of me!

I recently did a Facebook Live show on my favorite hoop earrings and it felt great.  I am not sure if it was the live audience or embracing my style.  I remember growing up and big hoops were not worn often in a the office , however hoop earrings have evolved (and the world of work). 

We carry acrylic, gold, silver, gunmetal and seed bead hoops love them all.  Shop aLilExtra.com's Hoop Collection 

Tell us: 

  • What are your go to styles? 
  • What type of earrings do you love?  
  • If you wear one style of earring for a month, what would it be?

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