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More Than A Sidehustle...

Makeba Corey

Posted on March 19 2020

More Than A Sidehustle...

In life I have always been a believer of the “side hustle,” or multiple streams of income that complements your mainstream.  I joined Paparazzi because of an earring shortage in my office at the time, there was a demand but not supply 😊!  In addition, there were a number of tax deductions for a home-based business.  After my starter kit arrived, I was amazed at the quality stylish jewelry.  I was excited to start selling $5 jewelry to people who would change the world.

My Why

At the time I started I thought this would be great way to save additional funds for my son’s college fund.  My goals is to generate enough income to send him to college – debt free.  While I am still working toward this goal, I have enjoyed sharing this experience with him.  He is the COO of and works the business daily including; social media posting, pictures for VIP group, processing orders and setting up for the weekly FB Live shows.  It has become a family venture that we both enjoy.

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